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Nano and Shuffle – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Nano and Shuffle5ipods

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∘ Nano and Shuffle
∘ Apple device that outlived the nano and shuffle
∘ They've included Nano, Shuffle and Touch models
∘ nano and shuffle, for two
∘ Its former models include the Shuffle and Nano
∘ Music player whose Classic, Nano, and Shuffle models have been discontinued
∘ nano and shuffle are versions of which recently discontinued device?
∘ Portable music player in Mini, Nano, Shuffle, and Touch varieties
∘ nano or shuffle
∘ Apple's Nano or Shuffle
∘ "For a little silver quarter; We can have the Pullman porter; Turn the lights down low; Ooh, off we're gonna shuffle; Shuffle off to ..."
∘ apple's touch and nano
∘ Device that formerly had Mini and Nano varieties
∘ Nano and mini brand
∘ Prefix between milli- and nano-
∘ It's bigger than a Nano
∘ Nano-technology device?
∘ "nano-" fraction
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