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7 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Colorful playing marble7catseye
Shooter's target7catseye
Marble with concentric ci7catseye
Colorful marble7catseye
Gem with a changing luste7catseye
Pretty marble7catseye
Certain marble7catseye
Certain shooter7catseye
Relative of an agate7catseye
Reflective device disturbed Yeats in church7catseye
Reflector in the road7catseye
Middle-of-the-road reflector7catseye
Road safety device7catseye
Percy Shaw invented this illuminating road feature7catseye
road reflector cast wrongly by detective7catseye
It makes night driving safer in many ways7catseye
Form of chrysoberyl that may remind you of a feline body part7catseye
1985 horror film written by Stephen King comprising three stories: Quitters, Inc, The Ledge and General7catseye
Reflector in a road surface7catseye
Reflecting device in a road surface7catseye
Certain gem7catseye
Gem with a changing luster7catseye
Marble with concentric circles7catseye
Chrysoberyl, e.g.7catseye
Gem or playing marble7catseye
Semiprecious stone7catseye
Semiprecious gem7catseye
Lustrous gem7catseye
it sees or can be seen in the dark7catseye
ET [say] crashed into sides of cone reflector7catseye
secretary has no right at all to wear precious gem7catseye
Middle-of-the-road safety device7catseye
Jazz fans look upon chrysoberyl7catseye
reflective stud stacey damaged before start of evening7catseye
...... , by M. Atwood7catseye
reflective road marker7catseye
Road reflector7catseye
glass reflector placed at intervals along roads to indicate traffic lanes at night7catseye