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7 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
First impeached U.S. pres7johnson
Actress in 8/11/12 can kid7johnson
Lexicographer wearing underpants?7johnson
Disciple following evangelist, a man of many words7johnson
Dakota ...., actress in Fifty Shades of Grey7johnson
Common surname to two American presidents7johnson
Amy .... flew solo from England to Australia7johnson
Michael ...., US sprinter with many world records7johnson
President who signed Civil Rights Act of 19647johnson
Amy ...., aviatrix flew from Britain to Australia7johnson
Famous English lexicographer Samuel ....7johnson
Dwayne ...., actor also known as The Rock7johnson
Literary doctor, author of Biggles books, has to get working7johnson
Toilet's working7johnson
The Game Plan stars Dwayne "The Rock" ...7johnson
Last name of the 36th U.S. President7johnson
First U.S. president to be impeached: Andrew ...7johnson
Andrew ..., first US president to be impeached7johnson
Ben ..., Canadian sprinter stripped of 1988 medal7johnson
Boris, the UK prime minister from July 20197johnson
Aka J&J, major consumer goods brand7johnson
Would-be 'king of the world'; one of four 4s7johnson
21's likely successor to both 15 and 16 across7johnson
Jack, the boy possibly with Samuel7johnson
Amy —, British aviator who flew solo from England to Australia in 19307johnson
Great Society advocate7johnson
Impeached US President7johnson
Lakers' Magic7johnson
Alan —, Home Secretary from 2009-107johnson
either "j" in j&j7johnson
President after Kennedy7johnson
Marques ... former NBA player who starred in the 1992 movie White Men Can't Jump7johnson
Kennedy's successor7johnson
First impeached U.S. president7johnson
Writer-lawyer James Weldon ......7johnson
Decathlon winner: 19607johnson
The Big Train7johnson
This Boris became the UK's PM in 20197johnson
Walter ..., American baseball player who played his 21-year career for the Washington Senators7johnson
Loving Day and Pym novelist Mat7johnson
Surname of Philip, architect of 1940s Glass House7johnson
President whose first lady was known as Ladybird7johnson
Flyer, Amy ...7johnson
Miami Vice and Nash Bridges actor Don7johnson
u.s. president who signed the civil rights act of 1964 on july 27johnson
tory bigwig's heir on throne7johnson
Boris .., host of the G7 meeting at 97johnson
He was US president for the first 20 days of 19697johnson
UK PM, Boris ...7johnson
Former Lakers' point guard who has a net worth of $500 million, Magic ...7johnson